Goals and objectives



  1. Integration and further coordination of the activities of existing public professional medical associations, scientific and medical societies and unions for participation in the creation and implementation of unified standards for medical care provision and social protection of health care workers.
  2. The activity of the Federation is based on the principles of legality, democracy, collegiality and self-administration, equality of its members.
  3. To fulfill the goals and objectives the Federation performs the following (under the current law):

– develops cooperation, mutual assistance and interaction of the members of the Federation in matters of realization and protection of their professional, social, economic, creative and other common interests;

– promotes the state and social significance of the medical profession, its standing and prestige, improves the level and quality of medical care provided for all groups of the population, as well as promotes the creation and development of a public and state system of certification, licensing, certification of professional knowledge and skills of healthcare workers;

– participates in solving up-to-date issues of professional orientation and employment of healthcare workers, abroad as well, introducing a competitive system of professional and rank advancement;

– contributes towards the implementation of the necessary coordination in the regulation of alternative methods and models of private medicine, by creating, implementing and developing a public and state system of licensing medical activities;

– supports the further development of medical science, practice medical education and CME/CPD, promotes the introduction and use of perspective scientific developments in medicine, the development of scientific cooperation and its coordination at the professional level;

– develops and spreads international contacts in various areas (under the Charter) in the field of medicine and health care;

– contributes to the establishment of dynamic, mutually beneficial relations between the state governing bodies of the medical sector and public medical organizations of Ukraine, as well as the development and improvement of the system of state support for public initiative in the medical field;

– carries out informational, advertising and publishing activities for the realization of its statutory goals and objectives;

– carries out economic and other activities by creating self-financing institutions and organizations with the status of a legal entity, establishing enterprises under the current law.