Proposals to associations

Dear colleagues!
We offer you proposals for cooperation
and a list of preferences for professional medical associations / societies of doctors in case of membership in UFMO

I. Organizational and technical:
1. Assistance in creating / improving the (current) web-page of the association and increasing its rating;
2. Assistance in creating / improving (existing) pages of the association in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, others) and increasing their rating;
3. Creation of a separate section on the web-page of the Federation for representation and popularization of its member associations, their educational projects, scientific achievements, practical achievements, etc.;
4. Technical assistance and advice to support the association’s online resources (if necessary);
5. Creation of databases, register of members of the association and its digitalization (if necessary);
6. Creation of an online resource for payment of membership fees, registration for educational / scientific and practical events of the association (if necessary);

ІІ. Legal:
1. Assistance in re-registration / registration of the association with state authorities;
2. Assistance in bringing the charter / regulations of the association in line with current legislation and international requirements;
3. Legal support of the association and protection of the interests of its members (if necessary);
4. Assistance in obtaining and protecting the copyrights of member associations (brands, logos, inventions, etc.);

III. Representative:
1. Representation of doctors of a certain specialty / members of the association in state authorities, in particular when creating the regulations of the Ministry of Health, etc.;
2. Representation of doctors of a certain specialty / members of the association when creating / reviewing legislation acts relating to the scope of their professional interests and competencies and the medical community as a whole;
3. Representation of doctors of a certain specialty / members of the association in the media (mass media, television, formation of public opinion, public discussion, etc.);
4. Representation of doctors of a certain specialty in the Presidium and the Federation Council, protection and lobbying of the interests of the members of the association at the national level;
5. Representation of doctors of a certain specialty / members of the association on behalf of the country and the Federation in the relevant international organizations;
6. Opportunity to be elected to the governing and executive bodies of the Federation;
7. Representation of doctors of a certain specialty / members of the association in the organizing committee / jury of the national medical award “The Best Doctors of Ukraine”;

IV. Financial:
1. Participation on behalf of the association in joint projects for grants and funding from other sources in Ukraine and abroad (international grants, charitable assistance, scientific and technical cooperation, education), taking into account the professional interests and competencies of its members;
2. Assistance and administrative and technical support in applying for grants / other forms of financial and charitable assistance;
3. The possibility of attracting funds from the Federation and its partners to support the activities of the association, aimed at implementing the most relevant statutory objectives (if necessary, in consultation with other member associations);
4. Economic support of the association (accounting, reporting to tax authorities) and audit of economic activity (if necessary);

V. Educational:
1. Assistance in creating an educational portfolio for doctors-members of the association;
2. Technical support in the preparation and conduct of educational, scientific and scientific and practical activities by the association (if necessary);
3. Providing an online platform, software and technical support for planning / conducting interactive training and educational activities (webinars, video conferences, online lectures, etc.);
4. Assistance and technical assistance in monitoring and evaluating the quality of continuing professional development and continuous postgraduate training by doctors of a certain specialty / members of the association (if necessary);
5. Assistance in creating and implementing an educational trajectory for doctors of a certain specialty / members of the association, methods of monitoring its compliance and training effectiveness (if necessary);
6. Assistance in planning and conducting multidisciplinary scientific and educational activities together with representatives of other member associations;
7. Development and implementation of the quality criteria and evaluation of curricula, as well as educational activities using the existing experience of other member associations and the most effective international standards (CPD credits);

VI. International:
1. Assistance in drafting an application / membership of the association in the relevant European and world professional medical societies (if necessary);
2. Assistance in finding international partners, establishing and developing mutually beneficial international (educational, scientific, clinical) cooperation in the specialty, creating memoranda, signing agreements (if necessary);
3. Participation on behalf of the Federation in international negotiations and projects related to the professional interests of doctors-members of the association in accordance with their specialty and the medical community as a whole (within the powers);
4. Assistance and technical support in applying for international points / credits in planning and conducting educational activities for doctors of a certain specialty / members of the association in Ukraine (if necessary);