Proposals to doctors

Dear friends!
We offer you a list of preferences for health / pharmaceutical workers in case your professional medical associations / societies acquire membership in UFMO

I. Organizational and technical:
1. Creating a personal portfolio of a doctor and assistance in entering information into databases, the Federation members’ register, other official online resources (if necessary);
2. Technical assistance in online registration for educational / scientific and practical events in Ukraine and abroad, conducted by the Federation and its partners (if necessary);
3. Protection of personal data entered in the register of the members of the Federation and personal portfolio of a doctor;
4. Issuance of a personal card / digital identity card of a member of the Federation, which gives the right of access to information resources, bonuses and other preferences provided for the members of the Federation;

ІІ. Legal:
1. Legal advice to a doctor on the protection / representation of their interests in case of conflict situations related to professional activities (complaints, lawsuits, etc.);
2. Provision of expert opinions / letters of recommendation, including when the professional activity / competence of a doctor during administrative and court lawsuits is under consideration;
3. Advisory assistance in obtaining and protecting copyrights in Ukraine and abroad (inventions, patents, innovation proposals, etc.);
4. Insurance of a doctor against a professional error (if necessary);

III. Representative:
1. Representation of the doctor’s interests in the state authorities, in particular related to professional activities, and assistance in creating inquiries / obtaining official answers (the Ministry of Health, etc.);
2. Possibility to submit proposals and comments directly to the administration of the Federation in order to form a joint position in the creation / consideration of the legislation acts relating to professional interests and competencies of doctors of a particular specialty and the medical community as a whole;
3. Providing an opportunity for a doctor to express their own opinion in the media (mass media, television, Internet), in forming a public position, public discussion of the issues related to the scope of their professional interests and competencies, etc .;
4. Representation of a certain medical profession in the All-Ukrainian Medical Society (Federation), the right to be elected a delegate to the general meeting and to join the process of creating a national strategy for the development of the medical industry;
5. Possibility to take part in the national medical award “The Best Doctors of Ukraine”;

IV. Financial:
1. Presentation of doctors’ own projects for grants and funding (international grants, charity aid, scientific and technical cooperation, education) in order to improve the quality of health care, training and development of the medical industry, taking into account professional interests and competencies of a doctor;
2. Possibility to insure the health of a doctor in particular against infectious diseases (COVID-19, Hepatitis B and C, HIV, RW) and other pathological conditions associated with professional activities (on favourable terms);
3. Possibility to join the “medical fund” of the Federation and receive rewards, dividends, additional pensions, etc.;

V. Educational:
1. Informing about educational projects / events of the Federation, member associations, international partners on a regular basis, taking into account professional interests and competencies of a doctor;
2. Automatic entry of visited CPD events in the doctor’s educational portfolio;
3. Assistance in creating an educational trajectory depending on a specialty, professional interests and competencies of a doctor, control over its observance and effectiveness of training (if necessary);
4. Possibility of free training using the online platform of the Federation and receiving discounts for participation in interactive educational and training events (webinars, videoconferences, online lectures, etc.) with the accrual of CDP points / credits;
5. Preferential conditions for registration for participation in educational projects / events of the Federation, member associations and international partners (scientific and practical conferences, congresses), taking into account professional interests and competencies of a doctor;

VI. International:
1. Assistance in drafting / submitting an application for individual membership in the relevant European and world professional medical societies (if necessary);
2. Advisory and technical assistance in finding clinics for internships, advanced training, narrow specialization abroad, taking into account professional interests of a doctor and a chosen specialty;
3. Facilitating the establishment of professional international (educational, scientific, clinical) cooperation and issuance of characteristics / recommendations on behalf of the Federation (if necessary);