The President of
UFMO to Public
medical organizations and
doctors of Ukraine

Dear colleagues!

We are reviving the Ukrainian Federation of Medical Associations in order to turn it into a powerful and credible self-governing organization that will contribute to uniting health professionals and building up a leading medical society, whose goal is to act on behalf of and in the interests of health professionals, for the development of the healthcare system, increasing professionalism and awareness, in order to restore public respect for the medical profession and improve the public health care in our country.
In these difficult times for the whole world, we must be united, we must feel the support and protection of each other and our medical community, we must speak in one voice and be heard! After all, we are high profile professional medical associations and unions of Ukraine. We have the highest competencies, the most qualified knowledge, invaluable long-term experience and are ready to take responsibility for the future of our profession and quality of healthcare in our country.

For many years we have been making joint efforts to represent in best possible way the medical community of Ukraine in the international professional associations of Europe and the World, have been studying the experience of leading medical societies and sharing our achievements. This year we are going to apply for membership in the Union of European Medical Specialists (UEMS), the oldest and most influential medical association in Europe, which includes representatives of all medical professions and national medical associations and works at European level to protect and promote the interests of health professionals, in order to support and promote the highest standards of medical education and the highest quality of health care in the Member States.

Altogether we will become stronger and get new reliable partners, achieve our common goals, protect our rights and realize our hopes, i.e. introduction of European standards, implementation of best practices and modern technologies in every medical specialty in order to provide quality health care to Ukrainian people and receive deserved recognition by society.

Professional Cooperation, Conscious Responsibility, International Integration

are the key to successful formation and development of the Medical Community in Ukraine!

President of UFMO
Prof. Vyacheslav Kaminskyy